Special Programs

In addition to the core services provided by the Small Business Development Centers, they also provide the following specialized assistance:

Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning (REAL)

The Small Business Center partners with REAL Enterprises, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of new businesses, to offer the Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning (REAL) course. REAL is a 16-week class that trains participants with the skills and understanding to create or improve their own small businesses. It is a hands-on learning experience to manage your business or start one from the ground up in a fun, interactive style with others through curricula, training, and resources; includes opportunity to hear from business professionals.

Green Program

Seminars that focus on starting a green business or making your business green-friendly.

Military Business Opportunity

The SBC assists businesses in the pursuit of defense-related work. If you own a small business and you'd like to expand your sales and grow your business, the military may be the answer. We can help businesses increase market share and improve profitability through the almost endless opportunities to procure business with the U.S. Government.

Assistance provided with:

  • Registering your business to receive information about potential government contracting opportunities
  • Targeting specific opportunities
  • Understanding contracting paperwork
  • Reading, responding, and developing proposals to win bids on military contracts
  • MatchForce.org, a multi-functional website that serves as a gateway for individuals, businesses, and government purchasing officials. MatchForce.org automatically matches registered North Carolina businesses to government contracts, government purchasers to local suppliers, and job seekers to North Carolina jobs. Businesses, government contacting officials, government purchase card holders, and job seekers can register, post, search and receive opportunities and immediate results.

To learn more about our Military Business Series, please contact us.

Core Business Programs

Seminars that focus on maintaining a small business: Recordkeeping and Taxes, Business Deductions and Taxes, Market Research and Marketing, How to Start a Business, Financing Your Small Business, and How to Write a Business Plan. Schedules can be found in the seminar schedule listing.

Profit Cents

"Complex Financial Numbers into Plain Language"

ProfitCents software is used by accountants and financial professional to convert complex financial data into plain language and understandable analysis for business owners. The financial software provides customizable, written reports for business clients after entering or integrating their data into the database.

ProfitCents Analytical Procedures (AP) is an 8-10 page report with comprehensive analysis including text, graphs, trend and ratio analysis, detailed industry comparisons and an analytical procedures documentation worksheet. This report can be used to save significant time in the analytical procedures process.

Take advantage of the software for free by contacting us. Learn more about ProfitCents at www.profitcents.com.